Portia de Rossi in Nip/Tuck (2007)

Portia de Rossi made to strip in Nip-TuckHot blonde Portia de Rossi and her lesbian girlfriend Joely Richardson are kidnapped by a chubby perv and taken to some woods late at night.

They’re instructed to strip at gunpoint and, whilst sobbing, take off their clothes down to their lacy underwear. Then the baddie tells Joely to kiss Portia and she does so, which turns him on. So he tosses her a vibrator and tells her to use it on Portia, but brave Joely kicks it back to him and says “Use it on yourself asshole!”

Taken aback, the man realises his bluff has been called and makes the scared girls turn around before jumping into his car and driving off, to their immense relief.

Nude View — Both Portia and Joely look great in their sexy underwear, but there’s no nudity in this scene.