Kimberly Oja in Son of the Beach (2001)

Kimberly Oja stripped in Son of the BeachThis short-lived comedy series didn’t feature any nudity, but there was one scene in it whereby a hot lady was stripped down to her underwear by a baddie.

That lady was Kimberly Oja and she’s cornered on a pier by a horny dude who decides he wants to see her naked. The guy pushes her up against a wall and tears at her clothes, ripping her top and skirt off and tugging at her bra, which lifts to reveal the bottom of her breasts. Eventually help arrives before he can go any further and Kimberley is rescued.

Nude View — Kimberley looks great in her black underwear and there’s a quick peek at the underside of her tits when her bra moves during the struggle.