Jo Anne Knowles in Mile High (2005)

Jo Anne Knowles stripped in Mile HighPretty Jo Anne played a sexy air stewardess in this short-running British comedy series about the mishaps of a young cabin crew.

In this scene there’s been an outbreak of fleas aboard the plane and once everyone has disembarked they are taken to a holding area where they can be decontaminated before allowed to continue on their way.

Jo Anne and another stewardess are told to strip to their underwear by a dour airport official. They reluctantly comply, only to discover they must remove their bra and panties too. The girls are very embarrassed and remove the rest of their clothing behind a screen as the official watches them, before their nude bodies are sprayed with a special powder to rid them of their fleas.

Nude View — The director films things in such a way that whilst the scene is titillating, there’s no proper nudity to be seen, just the occasional flash of sideboob, although the girls look hot as they stand vulnerable and humiliated in just their skimpy underwear.