Jessel in Crazy Animal (2007)

Jessel made to undress in Crazy AnimalsA group of frat boys get drunk one night and decide it will be fun to get a random chick in off the street and make her strip for them.

So that’s what they do. The chick in question is stacked hot babe Jessel, who reluctantly peels off her top and then removes her bra when her life is threatened. Trying to hide her massive tits with her arms, she has to reveal them when she’s ordered to take off her pants and undies too. As she bends down to do as she’s told her wonderful breasts swing into view.

Nude View — There’s a great look at Jessel’s fit body and sexy curves, especially her large natural boobs and erect nipples. The scene is shot in grainy black and white so the quality isn’t amazing but it’s good enough.