Isabelle Maltese in Fucking Fernand (1987)

Isabelle Maltese forced undress in Fucking FernandA blind man on the run (Fernand) is trying to lose his virginity in this French comedy and being close to capture he resorts to desperate measures to try and get himself laid.

Aided by his seeing companion, they grab a woman at random and Fernand marches her to a field. Holding a knife to her throat he orders her to undress and once her breasts are unveiled he grabs and gropes them, feeling her nipples as he whispers in her ear all the things he wants to do to her.

By now a crowd has gathered and are trying to persuade Fernand to release her, but he is enjoying himself too much squeezing her big tits and refuses. Then he makes her lower her underwear and he reaches down to feel her pussy too, much to the shame and humiliation of the poor woman who has to endure this with people watching.

Eventually Fernand is disarmed, but not before he’s had a good fondle of his victim’s naked body.

Nude View — Isabelle is completely nude in this long scene and her boobs and bush are seen as Fernand sexually assaults her against her will.