Helen Millar in Crowley (2008)

Helen Millar ordered to strip in CrowleySimon Callow plays a pervy scientist who has pretty blonde Helen in his home against her will.

He calmly instructs her to take off her shirt before saying “And now the bra.” Helen reluctantly complies, removing her bra and showing Callow and his assistant her tiny tits. Her denim skirt comes off next before Callow makes her strip off her knickers, claiming they are a burden.

Finally, Helen is asked nicely to move to the couch where she reclines totally nude and is subjected to a “thorough examination” by Callow’s assistant, which we don’t see.

Nude View — Flat-chested Helen’s small boobs, ass and pussy are seen as she’s forced to remove all her clothes before the scene ends with the suggestion she’s about to be raped.