Gina Carrera in Suburbia (1984)

Gina Carrera stripped naked in SuburbiaPoor Gina’s only crime was to be the hottest girl in the crowd at a punk rock concert. Her punishment was to be targeted by a few scumbags who stripped her nude right there in the audience, tearing off her top and bottoms to leave her naked and screaming as the rest of the crowd circled her and laughed. One or two have a sneaky grope of her exposed breasts and pussy as they take advantage of her vulnerability and she screams in panic.

Finally the lead singer realises what’s happening and tells the people to leave her alone before the stewards eventually move in, a good minute or so after the incident occurs though.

Nude View — Sexy Gina’s heavenly body looks great when she is topless and her tits are out for everyone to stare at. Her hairy pussy can also be seen from certain angles.