Elizabeth Kaitan in Savage Dawn (1984)

Elizabeth Kaitan molested in Savage DawnSexy Elizabeth Kaitan and her hubby are driving through the desert when they’re stopped by a nasty gang of bikers who pull them out of their car.

While a couple of them hold the hubby, the leader approaches Elizabeth, who’s being rendered immobile with her arms pinned behind her by some of the baddies. He takes a good look at how pretty Elizabeth is and leans in to kiss her — naturally, she turns away from him. So he abandons all civility and rips down her top as she screams, baring her big boobs and causing the rest of the biker gang to laugh and holler. Then he bends his head to her breast to suck on her nipple. She tries to wriggle free but is being held too tightly and he paws away at her tits while her husband looks on helplessly.

Nude View — Elizabeth’s great tits are shown in close-up as she’s molested by the scumbag biker.