Aya Sumika in Numb3rs (2009)

Aya Sumika forced to strip in Numb3rsPlaying Special Agent Liz Warner on the hit show Numb3rs, sexy Japanese-American babe Aya Sumika won plenty of male admirers. In this scene though, her beauty gets her into trouble when she goes undercover to catch a drug dealer.

As she stands in the dealer’s hotel room ready to do the transaction, the baddie looks her up and down and likes what he sees. Under the pretence of wanting to make sure she isn’t wearing a wire, he orders her to strip to her underwear and she slowly removes her shirt and skirt, unveiling her incredibly toned body and a pretty set of matching lingerie.

The dealer approaches her and reaches out to grab her breasts but she swats him aside and he backs off, eventually letting her dress again after they do the deal.

Nude View — Although Aya doesn’t get nude her nipples are just about visible through her lacy bra. Besides, her long legs and taut stomach look sensational — what a hot girl!