Sonja Karina in Abducted by the Daleks (2005)

Sonja Karina forced nude in Abducted by the DaleksThis British softcore movie has it’s tongue placed firmly in its cheek as it spoofs Dr Who and his nemesis — the daleks.

In this scene played for comic effect, some evil daleks have surrounded two hot blondes. The tin baddies seem to be feeling horny and order the two sexy girls to take off their clothes. They reluctantly obey and are standing totally nude when the daleks then instruct them to embrace each other. Eventually they have a full-on lesbian makeout session as the pervy daleks watch.

Nude View — Sonja’s fantastic body is seen fully nude, including shots of her pussy, ass and breasts, as she gets it on with her equally naked captive lesbian lover, Katarzyna Zelnik.