Jessel in Crazy Animal (2007)

Jessel made to undress in Crazy AnimalsA group of frat boys get drunk one night and decide it will be fun to get a random chick in off the street and make her strip for them.

So that’s what they do. The chick in question is stacked hot babe Jessel, who reluctantly peels off her top and then removes her bra when her life is threatened. Trying to hide her massive tits with her arms, she has to reveal them when she’s ordered to take off her pants and undies too. As she bends down to do as she’s told her wonderful breasts swing into view.

Nude View — There’s a great look at Jessel’s fit body and sexy curves, especially her large natural boobs and erect nipples. The scene is shot in grainy black and white so the quality isn’t amazing but it’s good enough.

Barbara Goenaga in Timecrimes (2007)

Barbara Goenaga made to undress in TimecrimesThis Spanish sci-fi movie opens with a woman lying unconscious in the woods.

A man happens upon her and, seeing nobody around, does the naughty thing of removing her clothes. He takes off her top, pants and then underwear, finally pulling down her panties to leave her completely naked and exposed. He is then disturbed by a passer-by and a fight ensues while busty senorita Barbara lies topless and full-frontal.

Nude View — There’s a terrific look at Barbara’s big breasts as she is stripped nude and also a couple of quick peeks at her pussy.

Cameron Goodman in Shuttle (2008)

Cameron Goodman made to strip in ShuttleAlong with her sexy friend Peyton List, hot young babe Cameron is offered a lift by a creepy stranger.

Ignoring their instincts they jump in and are soon taken to a warehouse against their will by the man. He forces them inside and orders them to strip down to their underwear. Then a more sinister man turns up and makes them turn around so he can examine them as though they were cattle at a market. Snivelling, they comply, unaware they are about to be sold into sexual slavery.

Nude View — The girls show their tight bodies and skimpy underwear as the director zooms in on their bra and panties, although unfortunately no nudity is shown. If embarrassed, semi-nude females is your thing though, this scene will float your boat.

Christina Lindberg in Exposed (1971)

Christina Lindberg forced sex in ExposedBusty beauty Christina takes a ride with a guy she thinks is Mr Perfect, but who turns out to be a brutish thug.

He parks up and decides he wants to fuck her, so reaches across to pull up her sweater and then rip her shirt open, revealing her massive breasts. The Swedish brunette fights back of course, but is no match for him as he forces her to get undressed. Then he rapes her on the passenger seat before driving her home- what an asshole.

Nude View — Christina’s amazingly firm, big tits are seen plenty of times as she grapples with her attacker.

Natalie Press in In Tranzit (2008)

Natalie Press made to strip in TranzitA mean prison officer at a POW camp forces poor Natalie to strip naked in this drama set during World War II.

Standing outside in the freezing cold with snow on the ground, nasty John Malkovich orders Natalie to remove her shirt in front of all the other prisoners and guards. She does so, but is devastated when Malkovich insists her brassiere comes off too. She starts to whimper and refuses, but he assertively repeats his order and, crying, she complies.

She stands there freezing, head bowed with shame as her fellow prisoners stare at her exposed breasts with erect nipples. Some have the good grace to look away, but others take the chance to look before another guard covers her up and leads her away. Malkovich grins, knowing he has successfully humiliated her.

Nude View — There’s a close up of Natalie in her bra and then a good shot of her bare boobs jiggling as she shivers topless. Her nipples are standing to attention as a result of the extreme cold.

Katrina Law in Spartacus (2010)

Katrina Law forced to undress in SpartacusLucy Lawless is being bathed by her handmaiden in this sexy scene from hit HBO series Spartacus. Her breasts bounce sexily above the water line when slave girl Katrina walks in with some bad news.

Lucy doesn’t take kindly to the news and the former Xena star reacts bitchily, ordering hot babe Katrina to take off her dress. Katrina reluctantly complies, looking awkward and humiliated as she stands completely naked in front of Lucy, who eyes her small tits and hairy pussy before complimenting her body and calling her a bitch.

Nude View — Katrina’s tiny boobs and bush are seen as she goes full frontal, with bonus fake tits coming from Lucy Lawless. All in all an awesome scene.