Clare Binney in Don’s Party (1976)

Clare Binney stripped nude in Dons PartyDon’s Party is one I’d have liked to been at as it descends into a haven of nudity and sexual promiscuity once the alcohol begins to flow.

In this scene flirty Clare Binney gets more than she bargained for when she teases some of the guys. Before she knows what’s happening a group of them have stripped her of her clothes and she’s down to her underwear out by the pool. She protests for them to stop, realising it’s about to go too far, when one of them rips off her bra and pulls down her panties, exposing her hirsute pussy, before they toss her into the pool. A few other female party goers are not amused but the drunken guys couldn’t care less.

Nude View — There’s a great close-up of Claire’s breasts and hairy bush just before she’s launched into the water.

Heather Jay Jones in The Vice (1999)

Heather Jay Jones made to undress in The VicePretty English girl Heather is at the mercy of a baddie who breaks into her house in this British police series.

The thief catches her in just her panties and a tight top as she prepares for bed and he orders her to take off her shirt. She starts to cry and begs for him to leave but he repeats his order, this time more sinisterly, and she turns away from him and takes her top off. He walks towards her and she gets scared, crying some more, and this time she’s made to take off her panties.

He has a good look at her nude, vulnerable body as she cowers in fear and humiliation. Luckily for her he takes some valuables and leaves her, passing up the temptation to rape or sexually assault her.

Nude View — Heather’s breasts and ass are seen even though the lighting is quite poor.

Isabelle Maltese in Fucking Fernand (1987)

Isabelle Maltese forced undress in Fucking FernandA blind man on the run (Fernand) is trying to lose his virginity in this French comedy and being close to capture he resorts to desperate measures to try and get himself laid.

Aided by his seeing companion, they grab a woman at random and Fernand marches her to a field. Holding a knife to her throat he orders her to undress and once her breasts are unveiled he grabs and gropes them, feeling her nipples as he whispers in her ear all the things he wants to do to her.

By now a crowd has gathered and are trying to persuade Fernand to release her, but he is enjoying himself too much squeezing her big tits and refuses. Then he makes her lower her underwear and he reaches down to feel her pussy too, much to the shame and humiliation of the poor woman who has to endure this with people watching.

Eventually Fernand is disarmed, but not before he’s had a good fondle of his victim’s naked body.

Nude View — Isabelle is completely nude in this long scene and her boobs and bush are seen as Fernand sexually assaults her against her will.

Kimberly Oja in Son of the Beach (2001)

Kimberly Oja stripped in Son of the BeachThis short-lived comedy series didn’t feature any nudity, but there was one scene in it whereby a hot lady was stripped down to her underwear by a baddie.

That lady was Kimberly Oja and she’s cornered on a pier by a horny dude who decides he wants to see her naked. The guy pushes her up against a wall and tears at her clothes, ripping her top and skirt off and tugging at her bra, which lifts to reveal the bottom of her breasts. Eventually help arrives before he can go any further and Kimberley is rescued.

Nude View — Kimberley looks great in her black underwear and there’s a quick peek at the underside of her tits when her bra moves during the struggle.

Aya Sumika in Numb3rs (2009)

Aya Sumika forced to strip in Numb3rsPlaying Special Agent Liz Warner on the hit show Numb3rs, sexy Japanese-American babe Aya Sumika won plenty of male admirers. In this scene though, her beauty gets her into trouble when she goes undercover to catch a drug dealer.

As she stands in the dealer’s hotel room ready to do the transaction, the baddie looks her up and down and likes what he sees. Under the pretence of wanting to make sure she isn’t wearing a wire, he orders her to strip to her underwear and she slowly removes her shirt and skirt, unveiling her incredibly toned body and a pretty set of matching lingerie.

The dealer approaches her and reaches out to grab her breasts but she swats him aside and he backs off, eventually letting her dress again after they do the deal.

Nude View — Although Aya doesn’t get nude her nipples are just about visible through her lacy bra. Besides, her long legs and taut stomach look sensational — what a hot girl!

Helen Millar in Crowley (2008)

Helen Millar ordered to strip in CrowleySimon Callow plays a pervy scientist who has pretty blonde Helen in his home against her will.

He calmly instructs her to take off her shirt before saying “And now the bra.” Helen reluctantly complies, removing her bra and showing Callow and his assistant her tiny tits. Her denim skirt comes off next before Callow makes her strip off her knickers, claiming they are a burden.

Finally, Helen is asked nicely to move to the couch where she reclines totally nude and is subjected to a “thorough examination” by Callow’s assistant, which we don’t see.

Nude View — Flat-chested Helen’s small boobs, ass and pussy are seen as she’s forced to remove all her clothes before the scene ends with the suggestion she’s about to be raped.