Natalie Press in In Tranzit (2008)

Natalie Press made to strip in TranzitA mean prison officer at a POW camp forces poor Natalie to strip naked in this drama set during World War II.

Standing outside in the freezing cold with snow on the ground, nasty John Malkovich orders Natalie to remove her shirt in front of all the other prisoners and guards. She does so, but is devastated when Malkovich insists her brassiere comes off too. She starts to whimper and refuses, but he assertively repeats his order and, crying, she complies.

She stands there freezing, head bowed with shame as her fellow prisoners stare at her exposed breasts with erect nipples. Some have the good grace to look away, but others take the chance to look before another guard covers her up and leads her away. Malkovich grins, knowing he has successfully humiliated her.

Nude View — There’s a close up of Natalie in her bra and then a good shot of her bare boobs jiggling as she shivers topless. Her nipples are standing to attention as a result of the extreme cold.