Maria Bello in Shattered (2007)

Maria Bello made to undress in ShatteredBad man Pierce Brosnan has kidnapped the young daughter of Gerard Butler and Maria Bello and in this scene has broken into the couple’s hotel room.

Threatening to kill the daughter unless they comply with his demands, pervy Pierce first insists that Maria takes off her dress. He stands behind her as she slips it off, feeling her up while pretending to help her and knowing there isn’t anything Gerard can do about it. When her dress falls to the floor leaving a scared Maria standing in just her black underwear, Pierce strokes her thigh and grabs her breast before handing her another dress to put on, which she does so.

Nude View — Maria looks great in her sexy undies, but Pierce doesn’t make her get naked, contenting himself with a few gropes instead as her helpless hubby looks on.