Heather Jay Jones in The Vice (1999)

Heather Jay Jones made to undress in The VicePretty English girl Heather is at the mercy of a baddie who breaks into her house in this British police series.

The thief catches her in just her panties and a tight top as she prepares for bed and he orders her to take off her shirt. She starts to cry and begs for him to leave but he repeats his order, this time more sinisterly, and she turns away from him and takes her top off. He walks towards her and she gets scared, crying some more, and this time she’s made to take off her panties.

He has a good look at her nude, vulnerable body as she cowers in fear and humiliation. Luckily for her he takes some valuables and leaves her, passing up the temptation to rape or sexually assault her.

Nude View — Heather’s breasts and ass are seen even though the lighting is quite poor.