Gemma Arterton in The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2009)

Gemma Arterton stripped naked in The Disappearance of Alice CreedGorgeous English babe Gemma Arterton stars in the title role as a sexy young woman kidnapped by professionals in this cool movie.

The scene where they snatch her is very hot — she is thrown onto a bed on her back and her feet and hands are tied to the corners. She is blindfolded and gagged, screaming and struggling all the time, before they produce some scissors and start cutting off her clothes.

The director zooms in for close ups as her shirt and jeans are cut away before her bra is snipped in the middle, falling aside to reveal her firm breasts. Then they cut off her panties and place that day’s newspaper on her bare midriff to prove the date before taking photographs to send to her family.

Nude View — There are lots of great shots of Gemma’s tits, but the kidnappers strategically stand in the way so we can’t see her pussy.