Catherine Lafferiere in Exorcism (1974)

Catherine Lafferiere ordered to undress in ExorcismThis kinky European thriller is full of bondage, sado-masochism and nudity, which is great as the main actresses are all very hot.

In this scene sexy Catherine is lying on her bed chatting to her older lover. All of a sudden he desides he wants to see her naked and tells her matter of factly to take her clothes off. She is taken aback and says no, which he doesn’t like and so he shouts at her very aggressively, scaring her into doing as he wishes.

Slowly and reluctantly she undoes her shirt, revealing her big breasts, and then is forced to lower her pants and underwear until she’s lying there exposed as he stares at her hairy pussy. She sobs gently as he joins her on the bed, squeezes her tit and kisses her hard, imposing his will on her and letting her know that he’s the boss in their relationship, which has taken a dark turn for the worse for poor Catherine.