Jo Anne Knowles in Mile High (2005)

Jo Anne Knowles stripped in Mile HighPretty Jo Anne played a sexy air stewardess in this short-running British comedy series about the mishaps of a young cabin crew.

In this scene there’s been an outbreak of fleas aboard the plane and once everyone has disembarked they are taken to a holding area where they can be decontaminated before allowed to continue on their way.

Jo Anne and another stewardess are told to strip to their underwear by a dour airport official. They reluctantly comply, only to discover they must remove their bra and panties too. The girls are very embarrassed and remove the rest of their clothing behind a screen as the official watches them, before their nude bodies are sprayed with a special powder to rid them of their fleas.

Nude View — The director films things in such a way that whilst the scene is titillating, there’s no proper nudity to be seen, just the occasional flash of sideboob, although the girls look hot as they stand vulnerable and humiliated in just their skimpy underwear.

Rosanna Arquette in The Executioner’s Song (1982)

Rosanna Arquette strip searched in The Executioners SongRosanna has done many nude scenes in her career, but this was one of her earliest.

Visiting her boyfriend Tommy Lee Jones in prison, she is subjected to a strip search before she’s allowed to see him as he’s on death row. A female guard takes her to a toilet cubicle and makes her undress before running her hands all over Rosanna’s lovely body, cupping her big breasts and patting down her ass and pussy. Oh to be that guard…

Nude View — Rosanna’s huge boobs and bare ass are seen as she passes the strip search and is allowed to see her no-good man.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Strip Search (2004)

Maggie Gyllenhaal forced nude in Strip SearchMaggie stars as an American student in China in this powerful HBO drama. Her life is turned upside down when she’s arrested on suspicion of being a spy and interrogated by a ruthless Chinese army official. He uses mental torture to try and extract information from her, including stripping her of her clothes (and dignity) and even groping her breasts and tweaking her nipple in an effort to break her.

Nude View — Maggie spends much of the movie in the buff as part of her ordeal as she is slowly strip searched by her callous captor. Her breasts, ass and hairy pussy are all visible.

Judith M Brown in The Big Doll House (1971)

Judith M Brown strip searched in The Big Doll HouseThis classic 70s movie set in a women’s prison features lots of nudity from a variety of hotties. One of them is Judith, who upon arrival at the jail is subjected to a degrading strip search, where a couple of burly female guards (lesbians?) hold her down, peel off her clothes and give her a cavity search. The pretty redhead winces throughout her ordeal, but is rather taken with the nice male doctor who subsequently examines her and cheers up right away.

Nude View — Judith’s lovely breasts are seen throughout the search and again when Dr Perfect gives her a breast exam. What a great job he has.

Krystyna Janda in Interrogation (1982)

Krystyna Janda strip search in InterrogationA barely conscious Krystyna is strip searched by a trio of baddies who have drugged and kidnapped her. They are planning on torturing her until she confesses to a crime she didn’t even commit and as such Krystyna spends a lot of the movie naked as they try to humiliate her into doing what they want.

Nude View — He breasts and bush are seen when they rip her clothes off and one of them inserts a gloved hand inside her pussy to do a cavity search.