Takami Yoshimoto in Minazuki (1999)

Takami Yoshimoto in MinazukiSexy Japanese actress Takami stars as a woman forced to accept the unwanted advances of her brother in law, who is helping out her and her husband financially as they are broke.

In this hot scene he pushes Takami into the kitchen and locks the door, ordering her to undress. She reluctantly strips down to her underwear, angering her brother in law with her slowness. So he spins her around and rips off her bra, fondling her small breasts from behind as she cringes. Then he yanks down her panties and pours liquid soap onto his dick and rubs it into her pussy, lubing them up. Finally he enters her from behind, fucking her naked body hard as she screws her face up in humiliation, knowing she has no choice but to accept the rape.

Nude View — There’s a good look at her tiny tits as she is forced to have sex with her cruel brother in law, and her ass is visible too, but not her pussy.

Irene Cara in Fame (1980)

Irene Cara forced naked in FameHot black lady Irene Cara goes for what she thinks is an innocent modelling audition in this feature length pilot to the incredibly popular hit TV series. But the mean photographer sets up a video camera and convinces her to remove her top so he can see her small breasts. She is crying and obviously distressed but he won’t take no for an answer and so she very reluctantly pulls her top down so he can film her tits. Her embarrassment and discomfort are plain to see.

Nude View — Irene’s small boobs are shown on a grainy black and white TV that the camera is hooked up to (this was the 80s folks, no high-definition back then!)

Starina Johnson in Stuck! (2009)

Starina Johnson forced to strip in StuckThe best scene of this modern-day nod to ‘women in prison’ exploitation flicks occurs early on when straight-laced Starina is forced to remove her clothes by a nasty female prison warden.

Filmed in black and white for an even more realistic feel of the classic 60s & 70s WIP movies, busty Starina is far more shy than the two fellow inmates who are also made to disrobe, and they laugh at her attempts to keep her big natural breasts covered up even after removing her bra.

Nude View — Hot Starina’s sensationally huge natural tits look sexy hidden behind her arm as she tries to preserve her modesty, but they slip out for a brief moment as her bra comes off and her nipples are visible.

Roxana Zal in Strip ‘n Run (1998)

Roxana Zal forced to undress in Strip n RunA couple of gangsters want some information from stripper Roxana Zal, who is reluctant to cooperate. So one of them points a gun at her and orders her to strip, which she doesn’t want to do naturally, but scared of the loaded weapon aimed at her head she peels off her top and starts to dance for them. Not wanting things to go any further, she gives up the info they wanted and they leave her alone, embarrassed and humiliated but unhurt.

Nude View — Roxana shows her firm, pert breasts for a good 20 seconds as she dances for the baddies.

Grace Park in Hawaii Five-0 (2010)

Grace Park forced to strip in Hawaii Five-0Pretty Grace Park is best known for her role in hit TV series Battlestar Galactica. In this remake of the classic 80s TV show she plays a cop and in this scene she’s in trouble.

Having been captured by some villains, she is made to take off her dress for the amusement of the gang leader. she does so and stands exposed and embarrassed in her bra and panties as the leader runs his fingers creepily down her back. Then he takes a picture of her on his iPhone, but before anything more serious can happen Grace’s colleagues storm the place and rescue her.

Nude View — She may not get completely nude, but sexy Grace in her underwear is still a pleasant sight. Also she is sporting a rather fetching cameltoe.

Daniela Poggi in Submission of a Woman (1992)

Daniela Poggi forced to strip in Submission of a WomanHot Italian MILF Daniela Poggi is home alone one evening when a nasty man with a knife breaks into her house and orders her to strip. She removes her panties and he reaches inside her bra to fondle her breast before instructing her to take that off too. Once she’s naked he lays her on the bed and sexually assaults her.

The good news is she spends the rest of the film tracking him down to get her revenge and eventually she succeeds — good for you Daniela.

Nude View — Her ass is visible as she strips and there’s a close up of her boobs when she is made to remove her bra and also when he gropes her tits.