Sophie Hilbrand in Summer Heat (2008)

Sophie Hilbrand forced to strip in Summer HeatSexy Dutch TV presenter tried her hand at acting in this movie and did the decent thing by taking off her clothes in many scenes. In this scene she is forced to get nude by a creepy older man who developed an infatuation with her and, pointing a gun at her, made her take off her robe and expose her hot breasts.

Sophie’s boyfriend arrives home just in time as by now the old perv is demanding Sophie remove her white panties too, but he is thwarted in his efforts to see her pussy. Still, he got a nice eyeful of her topless boobs.

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Elina Madison in Look @ Me (2005)

Elina Madison made to strip in Look at MeWhen sexy Elina Madison is kidnapped by a pervert with a penchant for technology, she is subjected to his voyeuristic games. In this scene she is lying on a bed while her kidnapper speaks to her through an intercom from another room, from where he can see her on a monitor. He instructs her to take off her clothes, which sets her off crying. She refuses but he insists and eventually she peels off her sweater and takes down her pants, sobbing with embarrassment.

Nude View — Elina has lovely little tits and they’re plain to see as she lifts her top over her head and lies back on the bed topless and humiliated.

Marimar Vega in Daniel & Ana (2009)

Marimar Vega forced naked in Daniel and AnaThis controversial Mexican movie sees Marimar and her brother kidnapped and taken to a bedroom. There is a camera set up and they are ordered to strip and have sex. If they refuse the kidnappers will kill them. They resist for a long while, but eventually (and unsurprisingly very awkwardly) Marimar is fucked by her brother in a forced incest scene that’s difficult to watch.

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Jessica Grace Smith in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (2011)

Jessica Grace Smith undresses in SpartacusPretty Jessica is one of two slave girls instructed to undress by their master, the busty Lucy Lawless. The girls look startled but do as they are told, reluctantly removing their clothes and standing completely naked in front of a Roman emperor. He smiles smugly and walks towards them, eying them up and down lustfully while they cringe at his gaze, before inserting his finger in each of their pussies in turn. He then chooses Jessica to fuck because, as he puts it: “This one is tighter.” What a charmer!

Nude View — Jessica is fully nude, with her breasts, pussy and ass on display, as is her friend Lesley-Ann Brandt.

Maria Isabel Lopez in Joy et Joan (1985)

Maria Isabel Lopez humiliated in Joy et JoanA sadistic man decides to humiliate his maid by making her strip off in front of his wife. So poor Maria looks angry but defeated as she slips her dress off her shoulders to reveal her sweet, small breasts as the wife looks on.

Little does the man realise that his wife has sexual feelings for Maria and seeing her boobs only compounds her feelings. Pretty soon the two girls are lezzing it up in a sexy lesbian sex scene — that’ll teach him!

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