Catherine Lafferiere in Exorcism (1974)

Catherine Lafferiere ordered to undress in ExorcismThis kinky European thriller is full of bondage, sado-masochism and nudity, which is great as the main actresses are all very hot.

In this scene sexy Catherine is lying on her bed chatting to her older lover. All of a sudden he desides he wants to see her naked and tells her matter of factly to take her clothes off. She is taken aback and says no, which he doesn’t like and so he shouts at her very aggressively, scaring her into doing as he wishes.

Slowly and reluctantly she undoes her shirt, revealing her big breasts, and then is forced to lower her pants and underwear until she’s lying there exposed as he stares at her hairy pussy. She sobs gently as he joins her on the bed, squeezes her tit and kisses her hard, imposing his will on her and letting her know that he’s the boss in their relationship, which has taken a dark turn for the worse for poor Catherine.

Portia de Rossi in Nip/Tuck (2007)

Portia de Rossi made to strip in Nip-TuckHot blonde Portia de Rossi and her lesbian girlfriend Joely Richardson are kidnapped by a chubby perv and taken to some woods late at night.

They’re instructed to strip at gunpoint and, whilst sobbing, take off their clothes down to their lacy underwear. Then the baddie tells Joely to kiss Portia and she does so, which turns him on. So he tosses her a vibrator and tells her to use it on Portia, but brave Joely kicks it back to him and says “Use it on yourself asshole!”

Taken aback, the man realises his bluff has been called and makes the scared girls turn around before jumping into his car and driving off, to their immense relief.

Nude View — Both Portia and Joely look great in their sexy underwear, but there’s no nudity in this scene.

Heather Jay Jones in The Vice (1999)

Heather Jay Jones made to undress in The VicePretty English girl Heather is at the mercy of a baddie who breaks into her house in this British police series.

The thief catches her in just her panties and a tight top as she prepares for bed and he orders her to take off her shirt. She starts to cry and begs for him to leave but he repeats his order, this time more sinisterly, and she turns away from him and takes her top off. He walks towards her and she gets scared, crying some more, and this time she’s made to take off her panties.

He has a good look at her nude, vulnerable body as she cowers in fear and humiliation. Luckily for her he takes some valuables and leaves her, passing up the temptation to rape or sexually assault her.

Nude View — Heather’s breasts and ass are seen even though the lighting is quite poor.

Barbara Goenaga in Timecrimes (2007)

Barbara Goenaga made to undress in TimecrimesThis Spanish sci-fi movie opens with a woman lying unconscious in the woods.

A man happens upon her and, seeing nobody around, does the naughty thing of removing her clothes. He takes off her top, pants and then underwear, finally pulling down her panties to leave her completely naked and exposed. He is then disturbed by a passer-by and a fight ensues while busty senorita Barbara lies topless and full-frontal.

Nude View — There’s a terrific look at Barbara’s big breasts as she is stripped nude and also a couple of quick peeks at her pussy.

Sonja Karina in Abducted by the Daleks (2005)

Sonja Karina forced nude in Abducted by the DaleksThis British softcore movie has it’s tongue placed firmly in its cheek as it spoofs Dr Who and his nemesis — the daleks.

In this scene played for comic effect, some evil daleks have surrounded two hot blondes. The tin baddies seem to be feeling horny and order the two sexy girls to take off their clothes. They reluctantly obey and are standing totally nude when the daleks then instruct them to embrace each other. Eventually they have a full-on lesbian makeout session as the pervy daleks watch.

Nude View — Sonja’s fantastic body is seen fully nude, including shots of her pussy, ass and breasts, as she gets it on with her equally naked captive lesbian lover, Katarzyna Zelnik.

Diora Baird in South of Heaven (2006)

Diora Baird made to undress in South of HeavenYou’ll be in heaven when you see this scene of busty Diora being forced to take off her clothes by a nasty gang leader. She has no choice after the baddie’s have beaten her father, who has to watch as they order her to strip. Reluctantly, she takes off her shirt and tries to cover up her massive natural boobs with one arm while the other removes her pants, but those tits are so large there’s no way she can keep them hidden from the lusty eyes around her.

Nude View — See Diora’s nipples as she fails to keep them covered up and accidentally lets them slip into view, much to the delight of the nogoodniks who are making her undress.