Natalie Press in In Tranzit (2008)

Natalie Press made to strip in TranzitA mean prison officer at a POW camp forces poor Natalie to strip naked in this drama set during World War II.

Standing outside in the freezing cold with snow on the ground, nasty John Malkovich orders Natalie to remove her shirt in front of all the other prisoners and guards. She does so, but is devastated when Malkovich insists her brassiere comes off too. She starts to whimper and refuses, but he assertively repeats his order and, crying, she complies.

She stands there freezing, head bowed with shame as her fellow prisoners stare at her exposed breasts with erect nipples. Some have the good grace to look away, but others take the chance to look before another guard covers her up and leads her away. Malkovich grins, knowing he has successfully humiliated her.

Nude View — There’s a close up of Natalie in her bra and then a good shot of her bare boobs jiggling as she shivers topless. Her nipples are standing to attention as a result of the extreme cold.

Gemma Arterton in The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2009)

Gemma Arterton stripped naked in The Disappearance of Alice CreedGorgeous English babe Gemma Arterton stars in the title role as a sexy young woman kidnapped by professionals in this cool movie.

The scene where they snatch her is very hot — she is thrown onto a bed on her back and her feet and hands are tied to the corners. She is blindfolded and gagged, screaming and struggling all the time, before they produce some scissors and start cutting off her clothes.

The director zooms in for close ups as her shirt and jeans are cut away before her bra is snipped in the middle, falling aside to reveal her firm breasts. Then they cut off her panties and place that day’s newspaper on her bare midriff to prove the date before taking photographs to send to her family.

Nude View — There are lots of great shots of Gemma’s tits, but the kidnappers strategically stand in the way so we can’t see her pussy.

Angela Carnon in Poor Cecily (1974)

Angela Carnon BDSM scene in Poor CecilyPlaying the title role, Angela is a naive young girl who gets a lesson in the art of kinky sex in this softcore 70s flick.

In this long sexy scene, Angela is stripped against her will by a group of guys who then tie her to a rack. Her big breasts and hairy pussy are on show as she is gently whipped and whimpers in both pleasure and pain. Then the guys ravage her defenceless body, kissing and fondling her bare boobs before taking it in turns to fuck her.

Nude View — The quality of this old video isn’t great, but it’s still clear to see her big tits and bush as she starts to enjoy the BDSM treatment she receives.

Gina Carrera in Suburbia (1984)

Gina Carrera stripped naked in SuburbiaPoor Gina’s only crime was to be the hottest girl in the crowd at a punk rock concert. Her punishment was to be targeted by a few scumbags who stripped her nude right there in the audience, tearing off her top and bottoms to leave her naked and screaming as the rest of the crowd circled her and laughed. One or two have a sneaky grope of her exposed breasts and pussy as they take advantage of her vulnerability and she screams in panic.

Finally the lead singer realises what’s happening and tells the people to leave her alone before the stewards eventually move in, a good minute or so after the incident occurs though.

Nude View — Sexy Gina’s heavenly body looks great when she is topless and her tits are out for everyone to stare at. Her hairy pussy can also be seen from certain angles.

Jessica Alba in The Killer Inside Me (2010)

Jessica Alba forced nude in The Killer Inside MeCasey Affleck picks up Jessica and literally carries her into the bedroom as she kicks and struggles. He dumps her on the bed face down, tears down her panties and uses his belt to thrash her bare ass until it goes bright red. All the while she’s screaming and crying, but he carries on spanking her regardless. Kinky.

Then they have some make up sex and everything’s rosy again.

Nude View — Jessica’s bare butt is seen as Ben’s younger brother tans her hide.

Hilary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry (1999)

Hilary Swank stripped in Boys Don't CryHilary’s performance as a woman pretending to be a man was well received as, amazingly, the cute lady made a pretty convincing guy.

In this traumatic scene she’s found out though when her redneck friends tear her clothes off and pull down her panties to see whether or not she’s packing. Seeing her hairy bush confirms their suspicions that Martha is in fact Arthur.

Nude View — Hilary’s pussy is shown close up as her arms are pinned back and her underwear pulled down while she struggles to fight her attackers off.