Barbara Mills in Chain Gang Women (1971)

Stripped and raped This movie follows the exploits of two convicts after they escape from a chain gang and try to avoid being re-captured.

Their first action is to break into a remote farmhouse whereupon they tie up the farmer and order his hot young wife (Barbara Mills) to sit on the sofa. She is made to undress as the two baddies enjoy watching her slowly take off her clothes. They also like the discomfort and annoyance of her helpless hubby who knows he is powerless to prevent the inevitable.

After she’s naked and lying on her back, gently crying and feeling extremely humiliated, one of the convicts takes his time in taking off his own grubby clothes, enjoying the feeling of power he has over the couple. He smiles smugly at the farmer before positioning himself between Barbara’s legs and brutally raping her while the farmer stares at the floor trying to ignore the assault being carried out on his sexy wife.

Nude View — Barbara’s perky breasts and hairy bush are seen as she disrobes and there are closer looks at her tits when the rape is shown from the rapist’s point of view.

Elizabeth Kaitan in Savage Dawn (1984)

Elizabeth Kaitan molested in Savage DawnSexy Elizabeth Kaitan and her hubby are driving through the desert when they’re stopped by a nasty gang of bikers who pull them out of their car.

While a couple of them hold the hubby, the leader approaches Elizabeth, who’s being rendered immobile with her arms pinned behind her by some of the baddies. He takes a good look at how pretty Elizabeth is and leans in to kiss her — naturally, she turns away from him. So he abandons all civility and rips down her top as she screams, baring her big boobs and causing the rest of the biker gang to laugh and holler. Then he bends his head to her breast to suck on her nipple. She tries to wriggle free but is being held too tightly and he paws away at her tits while her husband looks on helplessly.

Nude View — Elizabeth’s great tits are shown in close-up as she’s molested by the scumbag biker.

Clare Binney in Don’s Party (1976)

Clare Binney stripped nude in Dons PartyDon’s Party is one I’d have liked to been at as it descends into a haven of nudity and sexual promiscuity once the alcohol begins to flow.

In this scene flirty Clare Binney gets more than she bargained for when she teases some of the guys. Before she knows what’s happening a group of them have stripped her of her clothes and she’s down to her underwear out by the pool. She protests for them to stop, realising it’s about to go too far, when one of them rips off her bra and pulls down her panties, exposing her hirsute pussy, before they toss her into the pool. A few other female party goers are not amused but the drunken guys couldn’t care less.

Nude View — There’s a great close-up of Claire’s breasts and hairy bush just before she’s launched into the water.

Kimberly Oja in Son of the Beach (2001)

Kimberly Oja stripped in Son of the BeachThis short-lived comedy series didn’t feature any nudity, but there was one scene in it whereby a hot lady was stripped down to her underwear by a baddie.

That lady was Kimberly Oja and she’s cornered on a pier by a horny dude who decides he wants to see her naked. The guy pushes her up against a wall and tears at her clothes, ripping her top and skirt off and tugging at her bra, which lifts to reveal the bottom of her breasts. Eventually help arrives before he can go any further and Kimberley is rescued.

Nude View — Kimberley looks great in her black underwear and there’s a quick peek at the underside of her tits when her bra moves during the struggle.

Helen Millar in Crowley (2008)

Helen Millar ordered to strip in CrowleySimon Callow plays a pervy scientist who has pretty blonde Helen in his home against her will.

He calmly instructs her to take off her shirt before saying “And now the bra.” Helen reluctantly complies, removing her bra and showing Callow and his assistant her tiny tits. Her denim skirt comes off next before Callow makes her strip off her knickers, claiming they are a burden.

Finally, Helen is asked nicely to move to the couch where she reclines totally nude and is subjected to a “thorough examination” by Callow’s assistant, which we don’t see.

Nude View — Flat-chested Helen’s small boobs, ass and pussy are seen as she’s forced to remove all her clothes before the scene ends with the suggestion she’s about to be raped.

Cameron Goodman in Shuttle (2008)

Cameron Goodman made to strip in ShuttleAlong with her sexy friend Peyton List, hot young babe Cameron is offered a lift by a creepy stranger.

Ignoring their instincts they jump in and are soon taken to a warehouse against their will by the man. He forces them inside and orders them to strip down to their underwear. Then a more sinister man turns up and makes them turn around so he can examine them as though they were cattle at a market. Snivelling, they comply, unaware they are about to be sold into sexual slavery.

Nude View — The girls show their tight bodies and skimpy underwear as the director zooms in on their bra and panties, although unfortunately no nudity is shown. If embarrassed, semi-nude females is your thing though, this scene will float your boat.