Barbara Mills in Chain Gang Women (1971)

Stripped and raped This movie follows the exploits of two convicts after they escape from a chain gang and try to avoid being re-captured.

Their first action is to break into a remote farmhouse whereupon they tie up the farmer and order his hot young wife (Barbara Mills) to sit on the sofa. She is made to undress as the two baddies enjoy watching her slowly take off her clothes. They also like the discomfort and annoyance of her helpless hubby who knows he is powerless to prevent the inevitable.

After she’s naked and lying on her back, gently crying and feeling extremely humiliated, one of the convicts takes his time in taking off his own grubby clothes, enjoying the feeling of power he has over the couple. He smiles smugly at the farmer before positioning himself between Barbara’s legs and brutally raping her while the farmer stares at the floor trying to ignore the assault being carried out on his sexy wife.

Nude View — Barbara’s perky breasts and hairy bush are seen as she disrobes and there are closer looks at her tits when the rape is shown from the rapist’s point of view.