Barbara Mills in Chain Gang Women (1971)

Stripped and raped This movie follows the exploits of two convicts after they escape from a chain gang and try to avoid being re-captured.

Their first action is to break into a remote farmhouse whereupon they tie up the farmer and order his hot young wife (Barbara Mills) to sit on the sofa. She is made to undress as the two baddies enjoy watching her slowly take off her clothes. They also like the discomfort and annoyance of her helpless hubby who knows he is powerless to prevent the inevitable.

After she’s naked and lying on her back, gently crying and feeling extremely humiliated, one of the convicts takes his time in taking off his own grubby clothes, enjoying the feeling of power he has over the couple. He smiles smugly at the farmer before positioning himself between Barbara’s legs and brutally raping her while the farmer stares at the floor trying to ignore the assault being carried out on his sexy wife.

Nude View — Barbara’s perky breasts and hairy bush are seen as she disrobes and there are closer looks at her tits when the rape is shown from the rapist’s point of view.

Catherine Lafferiere in Exorcism (1974)

Catherine Lafferiere ordered to undress in ExorcismThis kinky European thriller is full of bondage, sado-masochism and nudity, which is great as the main actresses are all very hot.

In this scene sexy Catherine is lying on her bed chatting to her older lover. All of a sudden he desides he wants to see her naked and tells her matter of factly to take her clothes off. She is taken aback and says no, which he doesn’t like and so he shouts at her very aggressively, scaring her into doing as he wishes.

Slowly and reluctantly she undoes her shirt, revealing her big breasts, and then is forced to lower her pants and underwear until she’s lying there exposed as he stares at her hairy pussy. She sobs gently as he joins her on the bed, squeezes her tit and kisses her hard, imposing his will on her and letting her know that he’s the boss in their relationship, which has taken a dark turn for the worse for poor Catherine.

Jo Anne Knowles in Mile High (2005)

Jo Anne Knowles stripped in Mile HighPretty Jo Anne played a sexy air stewardess in this short-running British comedy series about the mishaps of a young cabin crew.

In this scene there’s been an outbreak of fleas aboard the plane and once everyone has disembarked they are taken to a holding area where they can be decontaminated before allowed to continue on their way.

Jo Anne and another stewardess are told to strip to their underwear by a dour airport official. They reluctantly comply, only to discover they must remove their bra and panties too. The girls are very embarrassed and remove the rest of their clothing behind a screen as the official watches them, before their nude bodies are sprayed with a special powder to rid them of their fleas.

Nude View — The director films things in such a way that whilst the scene is titillating, there’s no proper nudity to be seen, just the occasional flash of sideboob, although the girls look hot as they stand vulnerable and humiliated in just their skimpy underwear.

Elizabeth Kaitan in Savage Dawn (1984)

Elizabeth Kaitan molested in Savage DawnSexy Elizabeth Kaitan and her hubby are driving through the desert when they’re stopped by a nasty gang of bikers who pull them out of their car.

While a couple of them hold the hubby, the leader approaches Elizabeth, who’s being rendered immobile with her arms pinned behind her by some of the baddies. He takes a good look at how pretty Elizabeth is and leans in to kiss her — naturally, she turns away from him. So he abandons all civility and rips down her top as she screams, baring her big boobs and causing the rest of the biker gang to laugh and holler. Then he bends his head to her breast to suck on her nipple. She tries to wriggle free but is being held too tightly and he paws away at her tits while her husband looks on helplessly.

Nude View — Elizabeth’s great tits are shown in close-up as she’s molested by the scumbag biker.

Maria Bello in Shattered (2007)

Maria Bello made to undress in ShatteredBad man Pierce Brosnan has kidnapped the young daughter of Gerard Butler and Maria Bello and in this scene has broken into the couple’s hotel room.

Threatening to kill the daughter unless they comply with his demands, pervy Pierce first insists that Maria takes off her dress. He stands behind her as she slips it off, feeling her up while pretending to help her and knowing there isn’t anything Gerard can do about it. When her dress falls to the floor leaving a scared Maria standing in just her black underwear, Pierce strokes her thigh and grabs her breast before handing her another dress to put on, which she does so.

Nude View — Maria looks great in her sexy undies, but Pierce doesn’t make her get naked, contenting himself with a few gropes instead as her helpless hubby looks on.

Portia de Rossi in Nip/Tuck (2007)

Portia de Rossi made to strip in Nip-TuckHot blonde Portia de Rossi and her lesbian girlfriend Joely Richardson are kidnapped by a chubby perv and taken to some woods late at night.

They’re instructed to strip at gunpoint and, whilst sobbing, take off their clothes down to their lacy underwear. Then the baddie tells Joely to kiss Portia and she does so, which turns him on. So he tosses her a vibrator and tells her to use it on Portia, but brave Joely kicks it back to him and says “Use it on yourself asshole!”

Taken aback, the man realises his bluff has been called and makes the scared girls turn around before jumping into his car and driving off, to their immense relief.

Nude View — Both Portia and Joely look great in their sexy underwear, but there’s no nudity in this scene.